Why Us?

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Some people think all lawyers are the same.  One size fits all.  This could not be further from the truth.  Picking a lawyer is like anything else–you need to find the one that is suited perfectly for you.  So, then, why choose us?  There are far too many answers to that question to list here, but the one I hear most often comes down to communication.  When you are in domestic litigation, you want someone that is responsive.  I hear so often that people don’t get emails and phone calls returned by their attorneys, don’t know what is going on in their case, and generally are left in the dark.  At BFL, client communication is key.  We strive to be as responsive as humanly possible, explain each step of the process, and keep our clients up to speed in their case.  We find it makes all the difference for our clients.  To find out why else you should choose us, head over to our online calendar and book a consultation!