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Why Us?

Some people think all lawyers are the same.  One size fits all.  This could not be further from the truth.  Picking a lawyer is like anything

From Erin's Desk

Child Support With 50/50 Possession

A question I often get is how child support is set when parents are exercising a 50/50 possession schedule. The Texas Legislature has not provided any


Pitfalls in Domestic Litigation

Everyone asks me, what are some of the biggest mistakes people make when they are involved in domestic litigation?  One of the leading pitfalls—don’t give away


How to Be A Good Client

A good attorney-client relationship is imperative in domestic litigation.  The decision of who to hire, especially in family law, can be daunting.  Once you find the


Oops…Is This Discoverable?

First of all, what does “discoverable” mean?  During litigation in your family law matter, the opposing side has the right to request documents, information, and ask