How to Be A Good Client

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A good attorney-client relationship is imperative in domestic litigation.  The decision of who to hire, especially in family law, can be daunting.  Once you find the perfect person for your needs, it is important to assist them in providing you with the best representation possible.  So, how can you do that?  Here are three simple steps.  First and most importantly, you must trust your attorney and take their advice.  If you get an attorney that is specialized in family law, they have likely been doing it for some time and have specialized skills in the practice of family law.  You must trust them completely and take their advice, which is hard when so much is at stake.  However, the success of your case depends on it.  Secondly, you should provide your attorney with all the necessary information to advocate for you.  Everyone has bad facts, but not sharing those facts with your attorney at the get-go can cost time, money, and negatively affect the strategy your attorney creates for your case.  You don’t want your attorney to learn about your bad facts for the first time in the courtroom.  Finally, you should read and make sure you understand all documents sent to you from your attorney.  You will receive a lot of information, documents, letters, and emails during the pendency of your case.  Don’t be tempted to overlook, skim, or disregard any of these things; she is sending them to you for a reason.  For more advice on this, feel free to email or call us to schedule a consultation and discuss your unique scenario.